Adult Dog Advanced Class: 1 Year and older, must complete Adult Dog Basics Group Class.  One session each week for six weeks.

The Adult Dog Advanced Class is designed for the person who wants to create a solid partnership with their K9 Companion.  This class will take you and your K9 Companion to a level you did not think was possible.  This is an off leash class teaching you and your K9 Companion to work together as a team.  During this class you and your dog will learn the following off leash commands.

  • HEEL with loose leash and an Automatic-SIT
  • SIT and DOWN at your side,
  • SIT and DOWN from the front
  • Down in Motion
  • STAY and COME
  • Touch objects on command
  • Sit and Down and Stay in Place (your dog will sit or down stay until you tell them to move)

This class includes several field trips working around crowds of people and real world distractions.

We use a variety of tools to train your dog from treats, balls, kong’s, tug toys, the soft flat collar, chocker collar, pinch collar and electric stimulation collar.  The equipment used depends on the overall temperament and activity level of your dog.

Cost $595.00 includes 20-foot leash and 6-advanced private obedience sessions