Adult Dog Basics Group Class: 1 year old and older, one session each week for seven weeks.

The Adult Dog Basics Group Class is designed to establish and enhance effective dog owner communication and create a well manners confident and calm K9 Companion.  During this class you and your K9 Companion will learn the following on leash commands:

  • HEEL with loose leash and an Automatic-SIT
  • SIT and DOWN at your side,
  • SIT and DOWN from the front
  • Down in Motion
  • STAY and COME
  • Touch objects on command
  • Sit and Down and Stay in Place (your dog will sit or down stay until you tell them to move)

We will cover:

  • Team Building Fun and Social Ways to Train you Dog
  • Foundation for Advanced Obedience
  • Mouthing / Nipping
  • Jumping
  • Good Manners
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Real World Distractions

We use a variety of tools to train your dog from treats, balls, kong’s, tug toys, the soft flat collar, chocker collar, pinch collar and electric stimulation collar.  The equipment used depends on the overall temperament and activity level of your dog.  During the 1st consultation / evaluation session we will discuss the many options of each piece of equipment.

Cost $525.00 includes 1 consultation / evaluation session and 6 group sessions this is a $70.00 savings over individual sessions