Basic and Advanced E-Collar Obedience Class

The Basic E-Collar Class is designed to create positive communication between you and your K9 Companion.  The Class includes a Waterproof Garmin E-Collar, 20-Foot Leash and three individual one-on-one training sessions. During this class you and your K9 Companion will learn the following on and off leash commands:

  • Heel with a loose leash and an automatic-Sit
  • Heel with no leash and an automatic-Sit
  • Come on command
  • No Jumping
  • Problem Solving

Cost $450.00 includes Garmin E-Collar, 20 foot Training Leash and 3 Private One-on-One Training Sessions this is a $50.00 savings if purchased separately

Advanced E-Collar Obedience Class

The advanced E-Collar Class to be completed after the Basic Class and is an individual customized program.

Cost $ 90.00 Per Session includes One-on-One Training Sessions